Start Lowering Cloud Costs Today

Automatically power down idle cloud resources.

Connect Your Clouds

  • Easy one click connect to your cloud.
  • Connect multiple cloud credentials.
  • Filter and exclude by resource tags.
  • CloudFormation automatically creates your IAM role and policy to provide access.
  • AWS today, Azure and GCP tomorrow.

Schedule Resources

  • Schedule servers, containers and databases to be powered up when you need them.

  • Each team member, enters their personal schedule that describes when they need a resource to be powered up. You don't need to create one master schedule anymore.
  • Team members enter schedules in their local timezone regardless of where they are around the world.

  • Schedules are automatically combined for each resource. Other users schedules shown in blue.
  • Cost estimates show how much you will save with the schedule.
  • Optionally create holiday or crunch time schedules with custom start and stop dates.

Override Schedules

  • For unexpected work — users can individually, safely override the schedule. No need to call a team meeting on slack!
  • Specify for how long you need the resource to be powered up.
  • Team members can create one ore more overrides.
  • Use the convenient command line interface program to create overrides without interrupting your workflow.
  • PowerDown combines schedules and overrides to work out when the resource can be safely powered down.
  • Simple.

Control Servers, Databases, Containers

  • Schedule all your servers, databases and containers in any cloud region worldwide.
  • Powerdown will automatically power up and down dependant resources.
  • See at a glance which resources are powered up and down and what is the desired resource state.

  • Understand how much each resource costs, what you've spent and how much you've saved by powering down.
  • Save time by creating groups for entire environments (like test or staging). Then power everything up or down with a single command.

Command Line Interface

  • Don't like GUIs? Then use the easy CLI.
  • Display resource status.
  • Power up and down resources.
  • Power on for a duration or until a specific time.


  • Integrate with existing DevOps processes with Hooks.
  • Hooks are invoked for key resource lifecycle events.
  • Invoke AWS Lambda functions.
  • Call HTTP web hooks.
  • Or use the PowerDown REST API to integrate with your own tools and processes.

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