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PowerDown lowers the cost of AWS cloud computing by transparently migrating workloads onto cost effective Spot market servers and by automatically powering down idle resources when they are not required.

We have just launched PowerDown and are looking for feedback. Both positive and constructive negative feedback is welcome.

I expect you are busy, so a quick few points below to focus your time. Otherwise, dive straight in on the Home Page.


What Does PowerDown Do?

PowerDown is a cloud management service that optimizes cloud compute for AWS EC2 and saves up to 80% on your compute costs. PowerDown uses excess cloud Spot capacity to transparently optimize and scale workloads without impacting availability or performance. PowerDown automatically and transparently migrates workloads onto cost-effective Spot servers and powers down idle cloud resources when they are not required.

Who is this for?

Any AWS site that uses EC2 and Auto Scale groups. In the future we will support Azure and GCP, but not today.

How Does PowerDown Save?

AWS EC2 Spot market servers are typically up to 80% cheaper than regular On-Demand servers. PowerDown makes it easy to use Spot instances for production workloads by transparently migrating workloads in Auto Scale Groups from expensive On-Demand servers onto Spot instances.

PowerDown also automatically powers down idle resources when they are not required. In many organizations, a large number of cloud resources are not required 24x7 and are only required for a small percentage of time (E.g. dev and test/staging servers). Powering down these resources can yield large savings.

What is Unique about PowerDown?

Spot market servers come with major operational limitations, such as termination with little warning and restrictions on how they are used in Auto Scale Groups. So while Spot instances have great promise, they are not as widely used for production computing as they could otherwise be.

PowerDown overcomes these restrictions and enables Spot instances to be used effectively with production workloads without compromising availability or performance.

PowerDown achieves this by augmenting the existing Auto Scale facility with the ability to transparently balance On-Demand and Spot instances in Auto Scale groups. Users can specify the number or percentage of Spot and On-Demand servers and PowerDown will launch of the required type as required.


PowerDown also has powerful, dynamic team-based scheduling to identify resources that can be powered down after hours.


Kick the Tires

Please give it a try and provide feeback on Hacker News or email me directly at mob@powerdown.io.

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