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Welcome to PowerDown, the cloud scheduler that lowers your cloud costs by automatically powering down idle resources.


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Wasting up to 70% of DevOps Cloud Spend

The convenience of cloud computing is compelling, but it can quickly become expensive as you create more servers, databases, load balancers and containers. Today, a modern DevOps team needs access to resources for development, test, stage and production. The number of cloud resources quickly multiplies and cloud spend escalates.

However, many of these resources are not required 24x7. In many organizations, a large number of resources are only required for a small percentage of time. While it is possible to manually turn off idle resources, doing so on an hourly basis at scale has too much overhead. It is difficult to determine when cloud resources are needed for globally dispersed teams with changing resource needs. Consequently, many cloud resources are left powered up when they are actually not needed. Some sites waste up to 70% of the DevOps cloud budget.

How Does PowerDown Save?

Cloud providers charge for the time you have resources powered up. This may be per hour, or per minute. During a normal work week, development, staging and test resource may only be used 40-60 hours out of a total of 168 hours. If those resources are powered down, you can realize savings of up to 70% of your total cloud spend.

PowerDown automates the powering down of idle and unused cloud resources. It is a global scheduler that combines the competing needs of all DevOps staff to create a unified schedule for your cloud resources. Using that schedule, it powers down servers, databases, load balancers and containers when they are not required and automatically restarts them when necessary.

What is Unique about PowerDown?

Company-wide Schedules

Modern DevOps teams typically are geographically dispersed and work overlapping and irregular work hours. Some work from home, some in other cities. Some in different time zones. PowerDown integrates these competing user needs and determines precisely if a resource is required or not. PowerDown combines all user schedules and automatically determines the resource schedule that will satisfy all users and minimize the cloud spend. PowerDown makes it easy for users to simply configure their cloud resource access requirements.

High-Level Resource Groups

DevOps environments typically contain many servers, databases, load balancers and containers. Powering up a dev or test environment requires many resources to be powered up in sequence. This is error prone and if team members have to do this manually each time, they will probably tire of the process and the savings will cease. PowerDown provides resource groups so you can power up and down an entire environment with a single command. PowerDown understands resource dependencies and will intelligently factor that into scheduling decisions.

PowerDown Scales

PowerDown will scale to support a geographically dispersed DevOps team in different time zones. Users do not need to coordinate — they simply specify their own resource needs. PowerDown will also support multiple teams, multiple cloud credentials, multiple cloud providers and cloud resources shared among different teams. You can also define external resources and have PowerDown manage those via hooks and the PowerDown API. PowerDown will navigate all this and accurately determine when a resource needs to be available and will orchestrate powering up resources as required.

PowerDown Insights

PowerDown will also give you insight and highlight why a resource is powered up. i.e. who has requested that a resource be on at a particular time.


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