Autoscale Resources

Autoscale groups are scalable cloud resources that launch and manage one or more servers instances. An Autoscale group defines a desired state of how many server instances should be active. It then drives that actual state to match that desired state.

PowerDown fully supports Autoscale groups and will power them up and down by schedule or on demand.

Powering Up and Down

When an Autoscale group is powered down, the server instance count will be set to the defined minimum value of the group. When the group is powered up, the instance count will be set to the defined maximum count. These values are defined when you create the Autoscale group with your cloud provider.

Capacity Overrides

Overriding Capacity

When in a powered down state, an Autoscale group would by default set the desired instance count to the minimum value which is typically set to zero. However, you can override this and define a non-zero number of instances when powered-down to enable a "low-power" mode such that the Autoscale group is still available when powered down, but at a reduced capacity.

Capacity Overrides

Launch Configurations

You can also specify different launch configurations to use for powered up and powered down states. In this way, you can select smaller, cheaper server instances to use when powered-down and more powerful instances when powered up.

Note: existing instances will not be re-created when transitioning from a powered down to a powered up state. Only the new instances will use the launch configuration when powering up.

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