Q1 2018 Roadmap


This is our current roadmap for PowerDown for Q1 2018.

See the current PowerDown feature set in the PowerDown Features post.

Planned Features

  • Schedule Templates
  • External Resources

Schedule Templates

Schedule templates are named schedules that may be used as a pattern when creating other schedules. Templates can be created for frequent patterns such as a workday, dev-crunch or end-of-month. PowerDown users can then easily create their schedules based on the templates.

Templates will have the following features:

  • Ability to save any schedule as a template
  • Create a schedule from a template

External Resources

External resources are resources outside your cloud that may be controlled by PowerDown like the rest of your cloud resources. This is useful to include on-prem resources or third-party resources into one of your PowerDown resource groups. In this manner, when you power up or down a resource group, the external resource will be correspondingly powered up or down.

External resources use the PowerDown External API which will invoke HTTP or Lambda hooks to fetch status and to change the external resource state (power up or down). Common use cases include bringing an on-prem Jenkins server online or 3rd-party service online.

Please tell us Tell Us if these are important to you or what you would like to see added to this list.