SenseDeep launches the PowerDown cloud optimizer to slash cloud costs.


May 10, 2018 (Seattle, WA) – SenseDeep, a new startup looking to shake up the cloud management space, announced today that it has released the PowerDown cloud optimizer which provides transparent scheduling of cloud resources, making it dramatically easier for users to turn off idle cloud resources and reap big savings in cloud budgets.

How to lower AWS cloud costs: a checklist


For many companies cloud computing is transformational. The advantages are compelling: improved flexibility, increased responsiveness, and let’s not forget, reduced capital expenditure.

However, the ease and speed of creating servers, databases, load balancers and containers in the cloud often leads to a loss of control and increased costs — sometimes with rude sticker shock.

This checklist is a simple set of items to help reduce your cloud bill.

Scheduling cloud resources for teams


A DevOps team needs quick and convenient access to servers, databases, containers, load balancers and many other resources. However, many of these are not required 24x7 — a large number may only be required for a small percentage of time.

During a normal work week, development, staging and test resources may only be used for 40–60 hours out of a total of 168 hours in the week.

Most cloud providers charge based on your usage — i.e. for the time you have resources powered up. If you schedule those resources to be powered down when not required, you can realize savings of up to 70% of your total cloud spend.

Power down AWS environments with one command


Web applications are typically organized and hosted via environments that are replicated for different purposes. The “production” environment is for the live site, “staging” for the almost-live product, “testing” and “dev” environments for code that is still being cooked.

Each environment consists of many cloud resources: servers, containers, load balancers, databases and caches that combine to provide the service.

The problem is: How do you control a complete environment with a single command to power it up or down?

Announcing PowerDown beta

We're excited to announce the PowerDown cloud cost optimizer which is available to day in Beta release.

You are welcome to try PowerDown and start reducing your cloud bills today.


PowerDown reduces your cloud spend by automatically powering down idle cloud servers, databases and containers.

PowerDown uses dynamic schedules to automate the scheduling of cloud resources and high-level resource groups so you can control entire environments with a single command.

Secure web service case study


The Web Developer Security Checklist highlights some of the more important issues to consider when creating a secure web application. To illustrate those issues, this case study describes how the PowerDown web application is implemented.

Immutable infrastructure can be dramatically more secure


An immutable server is a server that, once deployed, is never modified, patched or upgraded. It is merely replaced with a new updated instance if required. Immutable infrastructure extends this approach to the entire cloud.

Immutable infrastructure can be inherently more secure by making it much easier to detect when a resource has been maliciously modified.

Web developer security checklist


Developing secure, robust web applications in the cloud is hard, very hard. If you think it is easy, you are either a higher form of life or you have a painful awakening ahead of you.

If you have drunk the MVP cool-aid and believe that you can create a product in one month that is both valuable and secure — think twice before you launch your “proto-product”.