Cloud Costs are Rising


The convenience and flexibility of cloud computing is compelling, but it can quickly become expensive and wasteful as you create more servers, databases and containers. Today, a modern DevOps team needs access to resources for development, test, stage and production, so the total number of cloud resources quickly multiplies and cloud spend escalates.

Many of these resources, however are not required 24x7. In most organizations, a large number of resources are only required for a small percentage of time. While it is possible to manually turn off idle resources, doing so at scale has too much overhead. It is difficult to determine when cloud resources are needed for globally dispersed teams with changing resource needs. Consequently, many cloud resources are left powered up when they are actually not needed.

How Does PowerDown Save?

Cloud providers charge for the time you have resources powered up. This may be per hour, or per minute. During a normal work week, development, staging and test resources may only be used 40-60 hours out of a total of 168 hours. If those resources are powered down, you can realize savings of up to 70% of your total cloud spend.

PowerDown is a simple tool to reliably and simply power down idle resources.


What is Unique about PowerDown?

Powering down resources seems like a simple problem and it is certainly possible to create trivial cron job scripts that will turn servers on and off. However, there are two tougher problems that must be solved.

Dynamic Schedules — Users, Anywhere, Anytime


Modern DevOps teams typically are geographically dispersed and work overlapping and irregular work hours. Some work from home, some in other cities and some in different timezones. A cloud scheduling solution must make it easy for all users to simply state resource requirements are. PowerDown uses dynamic schedules that continuously combine all user resource requirements into a unified dynamic schedule that will satisfy all users and minimize the cloud spend.

Simply Control Entire Environments

DevOps environments typically contain many servers, databases and containers. Powering up a dev or test environment requires many resources to be powered up in sequence. This can be error prone. If done manually, team members will quickly tire of the process and the savings will cease. PowerDown groups resources into high-level environments like test and prod so you can power up and down an entire environment with a single command.


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