Cloud Computing

Lower Cloud Costs

Power down cloud resources after-hours and

Save up to 70% off your cloud bill.

Power Down Idle Resources

Schedule and automatically power down servers, databases and containers.

During a normal work week, development, test and staging servers are typically required only during work hours — about 40 hours out of a total of 168 hours. Power down those resources after-hours, an you can realize savings of almost 70% from your DevOps cloud spend.


Schedule With Ease

  • Power down idle resources automatically with smart dynamic schedules.
  • Each team member describes their personal schedule for when they need resources and PowerDown combines them all to create a unified dynamic schedule that adapts in real-time to changing user requirements.

  • Users can update or override the schedule at any time, in any timezone, anywhere in the world.

  • No more manually calculating the combined schedules for your team.
cloud scheduler

Simply Override

  • For unexpected work — users can safely override the schedule. No need to call a team meeting on slack!
  • Specify for how long you need.
  • PowerDown dynamically combines all the schedules and overrides — no manual calculations required.
  • Use the convenient CLI program to create overrides without interrupting your workflow.
Override schedules

Power Down Idle Resources

  • PowerDown can stop servers, databases and containers.
  • Manually start and stop any resource or group of resources via the Web UI, CLI or API.
  • See at a glance the status of your servers, databases and containers for all regions.
  • Understand how much each resource and environment costs, what you've spent and how much you've saved by powering down.
aws ec2 scheduler

Control with a Single Command

  • Group resources into environments: prod, staging.
  • Power up or down entire environments with a single schedule or command.
  • No more scheduling individual servers, containers or databases.
AWS cloud environments

Power to the Console

  • Don't like GUIs? Then use the easy CLI.
  • Display resource status.
  • Power up and down resources or environments.
  • Power on for a duration or until a specific time.
PowerDown CLI

Integrate Existing Processes

  • Integrate with CI/CD and DevOps processes via Hooks.
  • PowerDown invokes Hooks for key resource lifecycle events.
  • Supports AWS Lambda functions and HTTP web hooks.
  • Use the PowerDown REST API to integrate with your own tools and processes.
PowerDown Hooks

One Click Setup

  • Easy one click connect to your cloud account.
  • Automatically discovers all your cloud resources.
  • Connect multiple cloud accounts.
  • Filter to select and exclude resources by tags.
  • AWS today, Azure and GCP tomorrow.
PowerDown Setup


Save up to 70% off your AWS bill.

Requires an AWS account.

Free 30 day evaluation, no credit card required.


PowerDown Cost Optimizer

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